• Simplify the bill split

  • The convenience of using a card even on the road.

  • Pay anywhere with security

  • Accept credit cards without additional,expensive bank technology

  • Even on the side of the road, without the need for internet access

  • Enjoy the evening without worrying if you are carrying enough cash.
  • SMS is all you need to be able to accept payments. No need for additional technology

Welcome to Handshake® !

So what is Handshake®?

Handshake® is a patented security concept which is set to revolutionise the world of digital security.

The basis of our technology is the simple idea;
"The only guaranteed method of ensuring that someone doesn't steal your
 critical information is to never give it out in the first place."

By implementing the technology of Handshake® you provide confidence to your customers by ensuring that their critical information is not stored in a way that can be stolen from your data store or intercepted during transmission.

Get in touch to see how we can integrate Handshake® into your website, payment system, secure facility or general business and show your clients that their privacy and security is at the fore-front of your company philosophy.

Consumer data stolen

April 2011, one of the worlds leading computer gaming companies had their consumer database stolen.

It was reported that personal information of 77 million customers had been stolen. The data included names, addresses, dates of birth, passwords and the company could not rule out the possibility that credit card data had been stolen too. ...read more

Credit card fraud on the rise

The greatest increase in credit card fraud has been in card-not-present transactions, which occur when a thief uses someone else's credit card details to make purchases online, over the phone or by mail.

Card-not-present fraud now accounts for 71 per cent of Australian credit card, debit card and charge card fraud, and more than half of the fraud is occurring overseas. Card-not-present is an attractive form of fraud to scammers because more and more Australians are shopping online, and the Australian dollar is still quite high. ...read more

Demonstrations available

See why Handshake is different to other payment solutions by looking at our demonstration page.

We have simple demonstrations and a really cool cafe demo which allows you to split the bill.